About brother & sister - Dan Heise & Maureen Marcil


Maureen Marcil in front of Shore Chic, Point Pleasant, NJ  It was only fitting that Shore Chic originally began as an Antiques & Gift shop.

From Maureen:

My love of antiques began when I was a young girl. I was enamored with the quality of the workmanship of these beautiful objects, in their intriquite detailing and I would imagine the stories they could tell! I also began collecting New Jersey shore memorabilia and have aquired many items, from the late 1800's on, that portay beautiful images of our beaches and boardwalks, with the old Flapper girl style bathing beauties on antique posters, pamphlets, photographs, advertising & postcards. I have learned of the rich history of our New Jersey shores, (starting with Atlantic City in it's heyday where the first boardwalk was built in 1870!)  and of what a beautiful and exciting time it was as people flocked here from all around the country to see our shores, walk the boards and thrill on the rides .... and still do! - MM

In 2003, we opened our first beachy little shop in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. Filled with shabby chic furniture and true antiques, architectural salvage and furniture made from reclaimed items, Counters and cabinets made from old windows, shutters and doors, we set out to excite and enlighten people with our our facination of old things and the stories behind them. We found new uses for old items, giving them a new life. Mixed in were new gift items, many of which were made from recycled vintage items, such as wall frames made from old boatwood, tiffany lamps made with seashells, Handbags made from old chenille blankets and vintage fabrics,  furniture and mirrors encrusted with seashells, weather vanes and of course,vintage amusement park and shore related items. Our shop was honored to be featured in New Jersey Countryside magazine the first year we opened! We closed our doors in Point Pleasant after 4 wonderful years and are excited to be in our new location - Red Bank, New Jersy.

With our love for the shore and through my years of experience in party planning and decorating, we have learned that the market for beach themed wedding items was expanding and yet the quality and choice of products available was limited. Our goal is to have a beach themed shop with a little of the Shore Chic antique shop mixed in and to create beautiful unique, handcrafted items that you will not find elsewhere. We also try to incorporate a bit of the history, the beauty and the romance that is the Jersey Shore into all that we do.

The response we have received so far has been overwhelming. We appreciate all of your compliments and look forward to providing you with a beautiful one stop Beach Wedding Shop! Customer service is our first priority as we help you plan one of the most important events in your life. We work with each bride individually to customize and bring to life any ideas you may have. We strive to make your shopping experience easy and stress free, while offering personalized service to ensure that your wedding will far exceed your wildest dreams.


From Dan:

I have been a businessman, web designer and musician for quite a few years and have always admired my sister for her great talent - she is quite a gem when it comes to home decor, decorating, party planning and merchandising our lovely stores. She truly has excellent taste and a keen eye for the unique and beautiful items we would all love to own. I have gained an appreciation for those beautiful old items and of the stories they tell. Together as partners this was a business match made in heaven so I had designed the website with lots of tender loving care and insite from Maureen. We truly appreciate your visting us online and in the Red Bank store to see what we have put together for our beach brides and all of you home designers and decorators who love the Jersey Shore. - DH