We Sell Seashells for Weddings by the Shore
Our Exclusive Vintage Antique Seashell Print Table Cards

All fo these table cards are printed on White or Ivory cover stock paper and the backing papers are also cover stock. This is rigid to hold up nice on the card stands.

5x7" or 4x6" Single Sided Cards
with NO Backing - suitable for framing

Use these table cards with The Shell Names
or your own table names or numbers

Set of 10 (Shell#1-10 or 11-20) - $39.99


5x7" or 4x6" Double Layered Cards
with colored backing paper

Set of 10 (Shell #s 1-10 or 11-20) - $49.99

Guests will see the printed shell image
and table name/number on one side and
there's a colored paper border / backing
These are used in table card holders / clips
usually suppied by the venue.


5x7" or 4x6" Double Sided & Double Layered
Cards with colored backing paper in between

Set of 10 (Shell #s 1-10 or 11-20) - $59.99

Guests will see the image on both sides of this card
with a colored border layered in between
For use in table card holders / clips


Additional Shell Images are available

Additional Cards are $5.99 each

Antique Seashell Table Markers from Shore ChicThese beautiful Seashell images are taken from our own collection of original antique hand-colored shell engravings from the 1800's - So lifelike, you'll want pick a shell right off of the card to see if you can hear the ocean!

We'll can also match them with the same shells on your starfish escort tags. Sold in sets as Table Name / Number Cards, these can be custom designed using your choice of colors for fonts, borders and flourishes.

We can also custom design table cards for you using any artwork, images, monograms, etc. See our other examples of table cards and escort tags.

Our Exclusive Vintage Seashell Print Collection

Personalized escort cards with our exclusive antique shell prints

We can also customize these with
matching personalized escort tags
by adding the shell image from each table
to each guests escort tag seated at the table.

Customized Antique Seashell Table Name Cards

Our Antique Seashell Table Name Cards can
be designed with your choice of table names.

One of the latest wedding trends is to use table "names" instead of table numbers. Brides are using everything from Island names (Bahamas, Paradise Island, etc..), Beach related names (wave, surf, reef, etc..) Seashell names, (sand dollar, starfish, scallop, etc...) 80's band names to Dave Matthews song titles, anything goes. You would then direct your guests to their table by having your custom table names on your personalized escort tags, and then place a coordinating table name card on each of your guest tables. Our table name cards can be designed using your choice of table names, font styles and colors. Available in three styles - single sided for framing and double sided or doubled layered for use with card holders.



If you decide to use table names instead of numbers then we would use this horizontal style to fit the larger names. The shells will be smaller to fit the bride and groom's name and wedding date on the bottom.