Subway Token Cufflinks for Men

Subway Token Cuff Links

Specify City New York, San Francisco, Boston,
Los Angeles, Chicago, Massachusetts and Honalulu

Collector's Limited Editions - We have some rare tokens from smaller U.S. cities set as Sterling Silver Cuff Links, including Buffalo, Denver, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, St Paul, San Diego, San Francisco (Market Street Railway), Seattle, Trenton, Tucson, Tulsa and Washington DC
Collector's Series Price $150.00 - Call for availability.

Groomsmen / Father of the bride Gifts
Subway Token accessories

Cuff Links, Lapel pin, key ring, Sterling pendants, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Massachusets and Honolulu Subway tokens, New York edition Bracelet, Metro Card Bracelet, Charm Bracelet, Money Clip, Lock Key Ring, paperweights, wallet, Collector's set

Mayor Bloomberg - The Transit Authority Mayor wears Subway Token Cuff Links

Mayor Bloomberg
The transportation mayor knows style

On this page are a variety of Subway Tokens from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Massachusetts and Honolulu. These make excellent gifts for your groomsmen or any man.

New York Transit Token Cuff Links
55N - New York Transit Token Sterling Silver Cuff Links

Chicago Subway token Cufflinks

55C - Chicago Transit Token Sterling Silver Cuff Links

Boston Subway token cuff links
55B - Boston Transit Token Sterling Silver Cuff Links

San Francisco Sterling Silver Cuff Links

55SF - San Francisco Transit Token Sterling Silver Cuff Links

Los Angeles Transit Token Cuff Links
55LA - Los Angeles Transit Token Sterling Silver Cuff Links
12 - Antique
12HON - Honolulu Antique Cuff Links
New York Transit Token Pendant
59N - Sterling Pendant
New York Transit Token Bracelet
58N - New York "Anniversary" Edition Bracelet
7 City Token Charm Bracelet
58A - 7 City Token Charm Bracelet

Metro Card Bracelet

58MC - Metro Card Bracelet

New York Transit Token Lapel Pin
161N - Lapel Pin
New York Transit Token Money Clip
51N - Sterling Money Clip
New York Transit Token Lock Key Ring
72N - Lock Key Ring
New York Transit Token Key Ring
121N - Key Ring
New York Transit Token Paperweight
3-N - French Leaded Crystal Paperweight
Metro Card Cuff Links
55MC - Metro Card Cuff Links
New York Transit Token Wallet
80N - New York Token Wallet

New York Transit Tokens Lucite Collector's Set

806N-A - Lucite Collector's Set


Cuff Links, Key Rings, and Money Clips made with actual tokens: New York City (1953), Chicago (1922), Boston (1987), San Francisco (1945), and Los Angeles (1960). Includes map covered gift box and Authenticity Card.

Sterling Silver Collection

55 Cuff Links $150
51 Money Clip 100
56 Key Ring (Horseshoe Silver Plate) 70
55TG 5 City Token Gift Set (Leather case) 650
52 Earrings w/ lever click-in 100
58A 7 City Charm Bracelet (Assorted) 150
58N NY Token Charm Bracelet 150
59 Charm Pendant - Rubber Cord 74
59H Honolulu Charm Pendant 70
59N NY Charm Pendant 70
59N-J "Julia" Pendant - Sterling Chain 85


Silver or Gold Plated Collection

111/11 Cuff Links $90
121/21 Key Ring 50
131/31 Tie Slide 36
161/61 Lapel Pin / Tie Tac 19
181/81 Charm 19

Antique Collection

12 Cuff Links (without setting) $80
12H Honolulu Cuff Links (without setting) 80
60 Magnet (50 unit prepack) 5
62 Lapel Pin/Tie Tac 9
72N Lock Key Ring (NY) 25
12N-TG 5pr Collector's Cuff Link Set 350
80N Leather Wallet (NY, Blk/Brn) 50
80HON Leather Wallet (Honolulu, Blk/Brn) 54
3-N Paperweight (NY) 64
806N-A Lucite Collector's Set 100

NY Metro Card Collection

55MC Cuff Links $150
58MC Bracelet 150
59MC Pendant 64
61MC Charm 48

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If the Silver Market rises too high, our prices are subject to increase.