We sell seashells for Weddings by the Shore

Sand Dollars

There is a legend in this land About a dollar made of sand.
How much it's worth I've not been told, But to me it's worth much more than gold.
The Sand Dollar, so they tell, Is also called "Holy Ghost Shell".
It's fascinating as can be This shell that come forth from the sea.
A religious story it does tell, This fragile, lovely piece of shell,
Christ's birth, His death, how He rose again, Can all be found in this white sand.
An Easter lily - a five pointed star, Five narrow slits, there they are
Like the spear wound and holes from nails, Just look at that! It never fails.
A Christmas poinsettia and also the bell Are found on the opposite side of the shell.
Inside the shell, when it is broken, Are five little birds - another token.
Five little birds called "Doves of Peace" To teach us we should never cease
To love and help our fellow man, The lesson is here - right in the sand.
Sand Dollars tell a story old, They are worth much more than gold.
As friends like you, and all that is free, They are a treasure ... at least, to me.



Personalized Escort Card Sanddollars

To use Sand Dollars as escort cards,
we will add handwritten
names or tags for an additional fee.

For More Information CLICK HERE
to go to our Personalized Sand Dollar Page


Sanddollar Thank You Favors with Tags

Shore Chic's completed Sand Dollar Thank You Favors




Shore Chic offers personalized escort or Thank you tags with your Starfish or Sand dollar order. We will print your custom tags with Individual Guest's names for Escort cards or with the Bride and Grooms names and wedding date as Thank You Favor Tags.

For More Information and pricing CLICK HERE to go to our Personalized Escort & Thank You Tag Page


Gulf Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar

All Gulf Sand Dollars are large enough to be used as escort cards



Price Each

SSGSDSML 4 - 4.5"

$  2.05 ea

SSGSDMED 5 - 5.5" 50 for $113.00
Minimum Order - 50 pieces

Please note: Sand dollars are very fragile.

Order more than the amount needed to allow for some breakage in shipping.

These are shipped directly from the manufacturer to you so we cannot control how they will arrive. Usually, only a few will arrive broken, if any.

If,  for any reason, a large amount are broken, we will gladly replace them.

Florida Keyhole Sand Dollar

Florida Keyhole Sand Dollar

.5 - 3" Florida Keyhole Sandollars are small enough to use for jewelry, craft purposes or to send out in wedding invitaions.



Price Each

These are dime to penny sized sand dollars
SSFKHSD001 .5 - .75" 100 for $29.00
These are nickle to quarter sized sand dollars
SSFKHSD002 .75 - 1" 100 for $29.00
SSFKHSD003 1.5 - 2" 100 for $59.00
SSFKHSD004 2 - 2.5" 100 for $69.00
SSFKHSD005 2.5 - 3" 100 for $79.00
The next three sizes are the most
popular sizes for favors and placecards
SSFKHSD006 3 - 3.5"

100 @ $89.00

SSFKHSD007 3.5 - 4"


100 @ $1.19 each

SSFKHSD008 4" and Up


100 @ $1.49 each


Galvanized Tray 13 x 9 x 2

Small Metal Tray
13 "L x 9"W x 2"H

When using starfish or sand dollars as escort cards, purchase individual trays and fill with sand to present them to your guests. Our metal trays are available in 2 sizes.


Escort Card Galvanized Tray 15" x 11" x 3"

Large Metal Tray
15 "L x 12"W x 3"H
(14"L x 11"W along the bottom)



Exclusive Shore Chic Sandbox Trays

Our exclusive
Shore Chic "Sand Box" Trays

Our custom wooden trays
are perfect for presenting your
sand dollar / starfish excort cards
or any other type of beach favor.

Click Here to View details,
colors and pricing