Parisian love letter personalized aisle runner  

Monogramed Wedding Aisle Runner - Lavish

Your own personalized French love letter is the focal point as you walk down the aisle. Personalized Aisle Runners are a fantastic way to make your ceremony extra special. These Parisian Love Letter Personalized Aisle Runners come with attached cord handles and double-sided adhesive tape to secure it in place along the leading edge. Add instant romance with a sprinkle of rose petals in colors that complement your Day!

What is non-woven fabric?
Non-woven fabric is created using a heat process to entangle fibers. The result is an engineered material that mimics the appearance and texture of sheer woven fabric. It is resistant to tearing yet intended for a single use.

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Price: $109.98


"Parisian Love Letter" french wedding aisle runner
SIZE: 3¼' x 75'

When Ordering please have the following information ready:
1. Choose Background: Plain White or White with Hearts - see here >>>
2. Print on the bottom of the runner (entrance end)
or the top (ceremony end)
3. Select the Color to be printed: Choose from Above
(5 char)
5. Year (Right of Crown) (7 Char)
6. Name #1 Top banner (10 Char)
7. Name #2 Bottom banner (12 Char)
8. Greeting Name - Top of letter (10 Char)
9. Closing Name - Bottom of letter (12 Char)

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